More than 20 years on the market

LLC "Vestauto" was founded in 1998, starting its activities as an international transport company, which it is to this day.

A lot of time has passed since then, but we did not stop at what we have achieved, every new day hid behind new problems and their immediate solution. This invaluable experience allows us to achieve even higher quality and speed of our work.


The company is growing, offering partners a variety of mutually beneficial services, such as seafood import, firewood export, logistics solutions, using our own fleet of commercial vehicles and packaging solutions.

Our ideology is - we are using our own resources to improve the price/quality index in the favor of the end user.


The company throughout its existence is a family business, thanks to that the quality and reliability of our work is supported by our own name. Every day we work to improve and modernize our structure - the pursuit of quality does not stop.